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September 28, 2015

Three Predictions for BoxWorks 2015: Partners, Security, and Adoption

It’s here! BoxWorks, our favorite technology and business showcase, kicks off this evening in San Francisco, and the new class of enterprise software will be out in force. We’re spending our afternoon at Moscone Center, getting our booth set up in the Partner Pavilion, and we’re looking forward to meeting the first arrivals at this evening’s welcome reception.

On the eve of the event, I’d like to offer three predictions for what you can expect to dominate the discussion this week. As I’ve said before, the best thing about BoxWorks is the way innovation and transformation infuses every aspect of the week. You can expect to meet unexpected new startups, connect with peers who are redefining their roles, and you’re guaranteed to discover new ways to protect your business.

Beyond that, though, here are three things I think will emerge as the durable themes from this week’s event:

  1. Partners take the center stage. With main sessions featuring Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and a host of smaller enterprise technology companies, expect Box to focus on their extensive ecosystem of partners. This is a key part of the new enterprise software reality: focused, innovative point solutions are becoming the de facto enabler for CIO and CISO strategies to make data useful in an information-driven economy.
  2. Security makes collaboration possible. Trust is at the center of every strong business relationship, and collaboration just isn’t possible without an effective, shared security model. You’ll see security emerge as a key theme in almost every conversation, and in every featured industry. Yes, we’re partial to the security conversation, but it’s a theme we’re hearing from every one of our customers.
  3. Adoption is the new ROI. Just as true in collaboration as security, the more effectively your organization can manage change and help employees adopt new tools, the more competitive and powerful your organization can be. The topic of adoption is very appropriate for their more mature platform, as well – as Box customers expand their use of the product, seek to expand to new use cases, and ensure a positive ROI from their investment, finding strategies to engage and keep new employees active in the toolset are critical for success. Look for a lot of interesting case studies to be presented here.

And, if you’re headed to the show yourself, we’d love to meet with you in person and talk collaboration and content security. You can find Vera a number of ways. Stop by our booth in the Partner Pavilion (G10), and pick up some great gear.

We’re also presenting in the Pavilion Theater on Monday at 6:15pm and Tuesday at 1:30pm, right after lunch. Hear more about securing content through the last mile, and see a demo of Vera in action.

Finally, we’re hosting an epic party on Tuesday night, 9/29 – DJ’d by from the Black Eyed Peas. RSVP here and join us at Novela SF at 8pm

See you at the show!

By, Robin Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

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