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November 9, 2016

Stuck on Windows 7 at work? You’re not alone, but you need to take action.

An article on Help Net Security
recently detailed a Duo Security analysis that discovered 65% of PCs were still running Windows 7, an eight year-old platform with over 600 known security vulnerabilities.

Our own CEO and co-founder, Ajay Arora, contributed to the piece, discussing the dangers of using outdated operating systems and sharing a few ways to protect yourself if you’re stuck with Windows 7 for the foreseeable future. So how do you tackle some of the glaring security issues in that platform, including the lack of default disk encryption and the lack of file-level encryption?

You can read the full article here.

“If companies choose to continue to use Windows 7 and operating systems that lack features such as default disk encryption to protect data on lost devices and no file-level encryption to protect data as it leaves the corporate network, they need to consider using security software that can. It comes down to spending the money to address the underlying issue of using an operating system with weaker security, spending money to update the operating systems, or spending the money to secure the thing you are trying to protect in the first place; the data itself.”   – Ajay Arora, Vera CEO

For more ways to protect your data, even if you’re still on an older version of Windows, check out the full article. And, remember that Vera’s Dynamic Data Protection platform can secure your data no matter where it travels with strong encryption, access control, and a full audit log. Check out our video library to see how we can help you.

And stop freaking out. We’ve got your back.

By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing

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