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April 8, 2015

Starting Today, You Never Have to Worry About Your Data. Ever.

Today, I am both thrilled and extremely proud to announce what’s been in the works for well over a year, fueled by pure dedication and a bold, but attainable mission. A promise to our customers and to all those who lose sleep over how they will protect critical information –– you no longer have to worry. With Vera’s launch, we’re ushering a new era of security, one that is challenging companies everywhere to accept the reality that an impenetrable corporate perimeter is an outdated concept.

Before Vera’s inception, I began to work with our CTO and co-founder, Prakash Linga, on helping to build a mobile security company from its earliest stages. After speaking with customers across a wide array of industries, and after our first company got acquired, we saw an immediate, and frankly, code-red emergency in the market to bring a new approach to how we manage and think about data security. One of my mentors once taught me that if you’re going to solve a problem, you must ignore the temptation to look at conventional approaches at all costs and start with a blank slate. So when we first came up with Vera, it came with the realization that:

  1. People are sharing oceans of data at lightning speed, using a wide variety of apps and services.
  2. The effects of the cloud and mobile are irreversible and growing, meaning there’s zero use trying to reinforce corporate perimeters that are irreversibly crumbling at an ever-increasing rate.
  3. Every company must become a security company in this new age of information sharing where data will escape no matter how secure you may think your “borders” are.

At Vera, we believe that perimeters are porous and data will travel. And we confront this shift head-on by attaching security to what everyone is trying to protect in the first place:  the data.  And we enable enterprises and their users to track, audit and change policies to that data in real-time, no matter how far in space and time it travels. This means that data is secure no matter what device, person, cloud or application it travels to, even if – and after – it falls into the wrong hands. Our first product is a truly transformative offering, making it as easy to secure a file as it is to send or save one. With Vera, enterprises are guaranteed that their data is secure no matter where and how their users choose to store, share or access data across any platform they commonly utilize.

I’d also like to take a moment to congratulate the amazing team that brought Vera to life and continues to go above and beyond each day. My trusted co-founder, Prakash Linga, our rockstar CMO Robin Daniels, our operational mastermind VP of Finance Carmen Cerrelli, and those just joining the team – VP of Sales Will Saso and VP of Customer Success Ian McWilton. Of course, none of this would be possible without the tireless dedication of the entire Vera team from the very first day we were founded to today. We have an incredibly talented group here that continues to push beyond the usual understanding of data security and build a company as epic as our product.

Expect to see new innovative solutions from us in the coming months that expand our security approach to other ways people share and work.


P.S. We’re hiring!



By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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