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September 29, 2015

Security Outside the Box: Protect Your Content Everywhere with Vera

There are many reasons to be excited about BoxWorks this year, but we’re most excited to reveal some of the latest enhancements we’ve built at Vera. Today, we’re launching our native Box integration, which gives Box customers the ability to extend strong encryption, granular usage rights, and data classification to content that leaves the secure Box container.

Starting today, Box and Vera customers get access to four new capabilities critical to protect against data loss on any device, help them see where files are traveling globally, and secure content through the last mile. This is particularly important because we all work in a world where “data everywhere” is the new normal. Traditional tools for securing data in transit and at rest just aren’t enough to protect our information while it’s actively in use.

With this new integration, enterprises can automatically extend strong content security and data control beyond Box, protecting files wherever they go. With Vera, your business can now:

Secure content beyond Box, file shares, and the cloud
Finally, a big reason our customers are excited about this integration is that it completes their security picture. Box customers know that their content is secured in transit and at rest in Box, but for the rest of their organization’s content, they need tools to secure, track, and manage access. With Vera, whether your employees are emailing sensitive attachments, passing around financial models on easily-lost USB drives, or are using unsanctioned cloud storage tools, you can be confident that all internal and external collaboration is secure.

Automatically secure confidential files
Of the four capabilities we’re announcing today, this is the one I’m most excited about. With the new integration, enterprises can designate specific folders within Box and automatically extend extra protections and data control to documents placed in that folder. Then, when those files are shared, downloaded, or emailed, that protection follows the files wherever they go. For businesses who are highly collaborative externally, this is a great way to ensure protections to content that extend beyond Box.

Track content through the last mile
Security is most effective when it’s paired with visibility and control, and the last frontier for this is the “last mile.” Particularly when files are emailed outside of an organization, or downloaded from a shared link, enterprise protections are often lost. By protecting files with Vera, you get the ability to see exactly where that file has traveled, who has accessed it, and even when unauthorized access is attempted.

Instantly revoke access to files downloaded from Box
It’s like having a recall button that actually works. When a protected file is removed from Box, for any reason, security and IT teams now have the tools they need to instantly revoke access to that file. Lose a laptop? Ensure that none of the content downloaded locally can escape. Compromised user credentials? Lock files down centrally, and then track where access is attempted. You can even update permissions in real time, adding watermarks and other data loss protections after the fact.


As organizations become more collaborative, IT teams need security solutions that can protect enterprise content through its full lifecycle, ensuring only people with the right credentials can access it. And, as enterprise content evolves, our data-centric solutions will be there to ensure it’s safe, no matter how it travels.

We’re excited to see how our customers take advantage of this integration, alongside all the exciting new collaboration announcements Box makes this week.


By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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