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April 20, 2015

Real Talk: 3 Security Conversations We Know Will Happen at RSA 2015

I’m psyched to join global security experts, executives and entrepreneurs for what promises to be a newsy, futuristic and real conversation during the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week. Here’s a snapshot of three conversations I’m sure will be top of mind for the security community in attendance — that I’d advise we all keep an eye on throughout the week.

Same S**t, Different Approaches

We are coming off of a year that experienced more data breaches than ever before. In fact, 2014 saw more breaches than the previous three years combined. Leaks keep happening (cough: Game of Thrones, Home Depot, Anthem, etc.)  – from Hollywood to Wall Street to Main Street, and attacks generated from all corners of the globe. It’s clear the security status quo is broken, and I’m intrigued to see the acceleration strategies behind a growing roster of security startups challenging traditional data security approaches to combat evolving cyber vulnerabilities.

Security-Minded Folks Outside the Security ‘Inner Circle’ At RSA

I think this year’s attendee pool will expand dramatically, beyond just the usual suspects from IT and security, to people from other industries and disciplines. Consumers are awakening to security being an issue they personally face beyond the workplace as people increasingly turn to the cloud to store photos, financials and more. This year’s conference will reflect the growing security community aiming to protect that data. As I’ve said in the past, every company with online assets (and employees with smart devices) must become a security company and I’m eager to hear ideas from businesses across verticals.

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Injecting new blood and new perspective is paramount to a successful future of cybersecurity in a time when the current way of doing things is proving severely flawed. How will members of the old guard of security will react to new players in the field, and how they plan to adapt outdated solutions? With decades of experience in security and with knowledge gleaned from hundreds of conversations with customers, I look forward to hearing how they plan to innovate.

Up to this point, rapid innovation across economic sectors has largely outpaced security. We’re at a pivotal moment for a global data security industry being forced to catch up, and this is the first year I have a truly positive outlook on the business potential for protecting valuable assets seamlessly and reliably.

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By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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