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July 8, 2015

Meet The New Avengers: Vera’s Super Interns

As mentioned in a recent post, I’ve built a number of teams – large and small – in my career, and nothing is more satisfying than welcoming someone new. This summer, not only have we welcomed someone new, we’ve added three interns to the Vera marketing team, each eager to spend their days learning the ways of content marketing, graphic design, public relations, and social media.

As head of marketing and sales, I like to think of the Vera marketing department as our own team of superheros and have asked each team member to choose alter egos from the popular comic series, The Avengers. Yes, I’m a bit nerdy that way!

Vera’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Grant Shirk, resides with the widely popular Avenger superhero, Captain America, so naturally, we asked the new recruits which kick-ass superhero they embodied. Today, I’m excited to introduce each of our stellar interns and share what areas of focus and strategic projects they are tackling this summer.


Julie Kuhrt
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Area of Study: BBA in Digital Marketing with a Graphic Design minor
Avenger Identity: Captain Marvel

Julie was the first intern that Vera welcomed to the marketing squad. Currently, she is a padawan to Vera’s Global Communications Manager, Lynsey Rose. Learning the ways of PR, social media, and communications, she helps maintain Vera’s social media platforms along with assisting with strategic content creation. She is excited to see how a tech startup establishes itself and operates, along with learning more about what a marketing career in the tech industry has to offer.

Julie finds that the Avenger she relates to the most is kick-ass powerhouse, Captain Marvel, whose super powers include flight, super strength, durability, and the ability to shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands. Wow, that’s super cool. Like Captain Marvel, Julie has a passion for adventure and traveling, and has spent her last five months flying around Europe. She is embodying her super power alter ego at Vera by using her strength  and durability to work diligently on each of her top secret projects. She is also spending her time shooting social media posts out of the tips of her fingers like Captain Marvel shoots concussive bursts out her hands.

Intern_SamanthaSamantha Swenor
San Jose, California
Area of Study: BFA in Graphic Design with a Studio Art minor
Avenger Identity: Black Panther

Samantha is Vera’s new graphics guru. She is working as a graphic design intern for Vera’s marketing department. Over the course of the summer, she will be creating visual content for the website, and helping with the creation of Vera’s booth for BoxWorks this September. Samantha is excited to learn more about web design and the user interface/experience this summer, and feels that Vera’s relaxed yet inspiring atmosphere will offer a great opportunity for her to expand her knowledge.

When conjuring up her Avenger alterego, there was no other choice for Samantha than the Black Panther. Aside from looking pretty bad ass, Black Panther is a scientist. Samantha loves astronomy and is interested in learning about the solar systems and expanding her knowledge of our universe. Black Panther also mimics animals, which is another passion of Samantha’s. She is a huge dog person and before she dreamed of being a graphic designer she actually wanted to be a vet. She plans on using her inner Black Panther super human powers to help create visual content for Vera’s website and the design of Vera’s BoxWorks booth.


Niki Mikkilineni
Morganville, New Jersey
Area of Study: A high school senior interested in studying business after graduation
Avenger Identity: The Hulk

The marketing team’s last summer addition is Vera’s web wizard, Niki Mikkilineni. This summer, Niki is working with Vera’s Director of Demand Generation, Paul Falworth, learning the basics and exploring the best methods of obtaining leads. As a high school senior from Morganville, New Jersey, Niki is currently Vera’s youngest member. She is eager to learn as much as possible about the opportunities that the business world and tech industry have to offer. The energy and atmosphere in the office is something that she is thoroughly enjoying so far. She hopes that her time here at Vera allows her find where her interests lie and guide her plans for after graduation.

Niki finds that Bruce Banner; otherwise known as The Hulk, reflects her persona the most. Similar to the The Hulk, Niki also has a huge appetite. She loves everything about food, and actually has her own food blog on Instagram called jersey_turnbite. Niki also relates to Bruce Banner as a calm, quiet, intelligent individual that can morph into Hulk mode when stressed. So far at Vera, she has been stress free working on leads, and using her superhuman strength to be a heavy lifter in web analytics.

Each intern has joined the team with a desire to help Vera defend the world from cyber attacks, so we are excited to see what these three young women will bring to the table over the next few months! If you, or someone you know, is a security specialist looking for an epic career opportunity at a growing startup, check out our job openings here.


By, Robin Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

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