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March 13, 2015

Meet Steve Hartwell, Our Newest Software Developer for Mac OSX


As we continue to grow rapidly and work toward our vision of protecting corporate data everywhere, Veradocs is fortunate to attract some seriously epic industry rockstars along the way.That’s why we are very excited to welcome Steve Hartwell as our newest software developer for Mac OSX.

Steve has an impressive background from his first gig at Bell Laboratories and to working his way up alongside Unix founder, Dennis Ritchie. Fun fact: when applying for a job as a Unix admin at Stanford University, Dennis actually wrote Steve’s letter of recommendation. Needless to say, Steve got the job.

After his time at Unix, Steve spent seven years at Apple, working abroad extensively in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries doing developer technical support. He then went on missions to Bhutan for UNESCO, developing the Tibetan writing system, and Khmer/Laotian for the Mitsubishi foundation, as Mac OSX plug-ins. He continued the Tibetan work at Otani University in Kyoto, where we completed the Tibetan system fonts which first shipped with Apple’s Mac OSX 10.5 and every OS release since. Fun Fact #2: Steve consulted for Microsoft (gasp!), doing the engineering for its own Tibetan system font, MS Himalaya, which also ships with every Windows version since Vista.

Since 2000, Steve has worked for Amazon, Netscape/AOL, YouSendIt (now HighTail), VMware, and most recently, Moka5. Despite his extensive engineering background, Steve actually got his Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Psychology, of all things (Fun Fact #3). He only did a Computer Science minor to shore up his GPA. We’re happy he did!

As an extremely dynamic technology in the enterprise security space, we received a lot of impressive interest in the open position. Not only did Steve’s experience stand out but his passion to work on ambitious projects, particularly in a small team environment, were apparent from the moment we met him to his first day at our new office. We are excited to see what he will accomplish at Veradocs!

Fun Fact #4: We’re hiring!

By, Prakash Linga

Co-founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer

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