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July 13, 2017

To Make Security a Success, You Need a Champion: Meet Harnish Kanani

For our team at Vera, it’s never just been about the technology. We’re deeply invested in the success of our customers and their ability to protect their most valuable information. It’s why we put as much emphasis on utility and usability as we do the security and architecture of the Vera platform.

From day one we’ve repeated the mantra: “Security that is unusable will go unused.” But we also know that in our customers’ complex organizations, a great product is still not enough. That’s why we’ve invested in customer success as a core pillar of Vera from the start. And, that’s why today I’m thrilled to introduce Harnish Kanani, our new Chief Customer Officer.

In Harnish, our customers are gaining a champion who brings over 25 years of experience making enterprises wildly successful with technology. From his experience as a highly skilled, empathetic technical and management consultant, to his recent roles building world-class customer success cultures at CipherCloud and in Oracle’s Cloud Applications Consulting division, he has a deep understanding how organizations can turn technology into a sustainable competitive advantage.

I believe it’s our willingness to work on our customers’ terms, to truly understand their process, and to help them tackle their challenges with securing and controlling data across the business that’s helped set Vera apart. I’m glad to say Harnish shares that vision. Today it’s still rare to see a modern customer success team at a security company, and most teams operate as support first and customer success second. But with Harnish onboard, our customers have a world-class, customer-focused leader driving their success not just from proof of concept through deployment, but throughout their partnership with us.

Harnish said it best when he told me early on, “we have a unique opportunity here not only to change the way companies think about data security, but to change how security startups work with customers and their employees.”

Can’t argue with that.

We’re rapidly growing our customer success and other customer-facing teams. If you’d like to learn more about our mission to give teams the power to protect what matters to them most, check out our open positions here or find us on Twitter @VeraSecurity.

By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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