By: Jessica Cooper
March 1, 2019

Making Data Protection Part of Intelligent Connectivity at MWC19 Barcelona

MWC19 Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) kicked off on February 25 and draws more than 100,000 professionals from over 200 countries and territories for keynotes, panels and demonstrations on how we all use data and services, whether in our homes, vehicles offices or the outdoors.

Vera’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Ajay Arora, presented at MWC19 Barcelona “Protecting Your Data Everywhere It Goes.” Ajay’s talk is exciting for VERA – not only because it puts our company front and center at a global event – but because MWC19’s growth and attendees mirror numerous security and trust principles VERA is built around.

“Wireless” is No Longer A Niche in The Era of Cloud and Connectivity Everywhere

Remember when “wireless” and “mobile” were used to describe the ancillary pieces of networks and business, outside the reach of cables and offices? Years ago, “MWC” was known as a “mobile” conference primarily for carrier, handset and app stakeholders. Today the reality and influence of the mobile-driven world make MWC19 one of the hottest conferences, period as every developer, merchant, financial firm, media company, entertainer and public agency realizes a mobile strategy must be the cornerstone of their digital transformation strategies to reach more users around the world faster and more effectively.

Smartphones and tablets are the rule, not the exception. Work/life demands mean we rely on cellular networks, office LANs and home Wi-Fi as we seamlessly go about our to-do lists each day. Productivity, citizen service, and commerce mean people want to access all their data on any device, anytime.

Ubiquitous Connectivity Frees Us to Rethink Trust and Data Privacy

When wireless data and users were novelties, it was “OK” to limit their access and features on security grounds. After all, for years security has been about static layers of encryption and firewalls trying to keep data “in” some places and “out” of others. Stacks of rigid security layers look “secure,” but our research shows they lead to a false sense of security because they cannot scale and flex to protect data that needs to be shared across hybrid clouds, business partners and others.

Intelligent Connectivity – MWC19’s conference theme – sums up the reality facing security professionals and C-Suite risk managers perfectly: “The powerful combination of flexible, high-speed 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.” MWC19’s program continues: “Intelligent connectivity marks the beginning of a new era defined by highly contextualised and personalised experiences, delivered when and where you want them.”

Today the breakthrough is that we have more flexible and adaptive security technologies that enable Intelligent Connectivity, instead of getting breached or blinded in the process. Our customers rely on Vera’s platform to deliver strong, real-time access controls that intelligently follow data everywhere it needs to travel, whether that’s through Box, Microsoft, Dropbox or custom business applications. By letting customers encrypt, track, and revoke access to files through the reach of these clouds and apps, we discard the friction and false comforts of layered security. This makes trust and privacy more attainable and actionable – whether that helps businesses safely do business in new markets, engage more partners on the fly or comply with urgent legal mandates.

Digital Risk is All About Sensitive Data

These are distracting days to work in security and compliance. Every minute there are new headlines about nation-state espionage, exotic malware or vulnerabilities in newly Internet-connected buildings, cars or appliances. Then there are the passionate – but ultimately impractical – arguments about which operating system, device or architecture is the “most secure,” in light of these new threats.

No business has the luxury of swapping out hardware and software stacks on a whim and we have to recognize that no matter how common or novel the malware, it’s always the privileges and files the attackers are after. Protect the files and you protect the organization. This will be a big theme of Ajay’s talk at MWC19 Barcelona as well, when he joins customers, partners and VERA investors like BMW iVentures in explaining what’s possible, once we evolve security to the speed of cloud and collaboration.

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By, Jessica Cooper

Director of Product Marketing