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May 8, 2015

Making Cyber Lemonade Out of Security Lemons

Things are heating up, folks. As CNET’s Max Taves points out, every breach that leaves another sour taste in our mouths is an opportunity for the security industry to make lemonade. Companies in every industry need new ways to protect their data.

In fact, these high-profile corporate hacks and the resulting consequences for executives have sparked in the search for a cybersecurity quick fix. But I would argue that it’s far from the ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios we always hear about. I see the current landscape as an exciting opportunity for our industry to shelve antiquated approaches to data security — those focused on guarding perimeters and endpoints — and think about a completely new perspective for our cloud- and mobile-centric world. This is a Code Red call for instantly deployable solutions that can protect sensitive information traveling everywhere, at all times.

Moving the Stands From the Sidelines to the Boardroom

In profiling the current cybersecurity ecosystem, Taves notes that “hacking isn’t new, but the attention paid to it is unprecedented.” When conversations first began between technologists and businesses about data security, people were shepherded to IT upon arrival. Now, it’s the C-suite seated on the other side of the table because now it’s personal. It’s the inner thoughts being laid bare which has a huge reputational and financial effect. While our approach to presenting the many benefits of Vera’s technology remains largely the same, there’s a notable shift in who’s listening and one that’s caught the eye of venture capitalists, industry competitors and hackers bent on innovating faster to stay as far ahead of the game as they can.

Companies, especially those with first-hand data breach experience, are pulling as many strings as possible to boost internal security infrastructure and brainpower, test the waters with third-party data security solutions, and exchange ideas with fellow business leaders in the same predicament. This is promising for the future success of enterprises and the security companies hired to help them protect their most sensitive information. Together, we can work to take the sting out of leaks and the fear out of cybersecurity.

Time to Change the Recipe

A common message delivered over and over again at RSA last month was that hackers are winning. This is clear evidence that it’s time we start trying to beat them at their own game and move forward with a new model of cybersecurity that evolves ahead of these nefarious actors. As Battery Ventures’ Roger Lee notes in Taves’ article, for many companies, the “notion that you haven’t been breached is unreal.” Leaks happen. They won’t stop. So the next logical step is to make breaches of data harmless by proactively expecting data to travel beyond the expected and protecting it no matter where it travels.

Our CEO, Ajay Arora, outlined following his discussions at RSA that there is a commonly held belief among counterparts that up to this point, hackers have led the innovation cycle and adapted faster than industry. In reality, many of these “innovations” have only reinvented the wheel, leaving the door open now for industry to catch up and speed past. What’s truly exciting is that a new generation of entrepreneurs are springing into action to tackle the biggest challenges of our time.

The Secret Ingredient: Add Some Sweetener

With shedding fears about crumbling perimeters and data escaping, we can enter a more positive workplace where information sharing is encouraged, collaboration is ubiquitous, and people can use all the daily applications they prefer and love without worrying about data leaving the enterprise boundaries.

As I’ve said before, “Security should liberate companies, users and customers from the fear of placing their most valuable data in the cloud, and enable them to share via the innumerable solutions of their choice.” So it’s in this spirit that we are glad to be leading the charge toward total data security in a borderless digital world. It’s truly a sweet time to be working in cybersecurity with a sweet security solution.

By, Robin Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

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