By: Vera Security
February 21, 2019

It’s RSA Time!

The biggest security conference in the world is returning to San Francisco from March 4th to 8th―and we’ll be there! Vera is thrilled to join the cadre of innovative companies and all-around technology badasses who convene each year to advance the practice of cybersecurity.

This year’s theme is BETTER. It’s fitting given how horrible 2018 was in terms of data breaches—not just in number, but the size and depth of those breaches left many in the security industry feeling frustrated and defeated.

So, how can we have BETTER security in 2019?

That seems to be the question every year, doesn’t it? We constantly hear about new approaches, new technologies, some of those technologies even displacing older ones that we were once so hopeful about. Here at Vera, we aim to shine a light on the obvious—simply protect the data itself.

Enterprise security perimeters are porous, and the reality is, whether it’s through email attachments, or files shared through cloud collaboration tools, data will travel. In a world of continuous productivity, collaboration across companies and services, and truly productive mobility, it’s vital for organizations to confront this shift head-on by attaching security directly to the data itself. The Vera platform enables businesses of all sizes to effectively protect any kind of data, and then track, audit and manage the policies securing it in real-time, no matter how far it travels. Our belief is that it is possible to secure data no matter what device, person, cloud or application it travels to, even if – and after – it falls into the wrong hands. One of those is securing sensitive data used by employees when performing work duties. Organizations must ensure that access to sensitive information is limited to the employees who need it in order to do their jobs. Vera helps security teams think through embedding security into sensitive files so those files are protected even after they’ve left the home environment; and so, security doesn’t impact workflow, prevent authorized users from getting access to data in motion, or allow ongoing access for those who no longer need it.

Cloud collaboration vendors such as Box, Dropbox and SharePoint enable productivity improvements and convenience for knowledge workers and greatly facilitate information-sharing with external users. This is exactly why businesses are making the strategic move to the cloud.

However, these modern collaboration technologies can present significant security risks. Users often lose visibility and control once files are uploaded to the cloud. In addition, organizations may have already made significant investments in these tools but aren’t able to utilize them because they simply can’t secure the data that’s put into them. Not only is this a waste of money but it can create productivity issues for both internal and external users. This can also lead to “Shadow IT”, where employees use their personal Dropbox or Box accounts to store company information. And that’s a huge risk.

How will they control specific actions like copy/paste, screenshot, print and save-as, that external users can take on sensitive files?

Finally there’s the challenge of mitigating compliance risks. Regulatory bodies worldwide continue to implement rules and penalties related to maintaining privacy and security. Organizations must achieve a state of continuous compliance while still allowing business to be executed. Security professionals play a huge role in compliance with the breadth of legislation their organizations may be subject to. How will they do that effectively?

Vera’s always-on, active file security and real-time access controls offer practical solutions, available now, to these complex challenges. We’ll be showcasing these rich capabilities and providing full product demos to demonstrate the power of the Vera solution in action.

Want to know more, perhaps meet with one of our experts? Please come visit us at booth #2260 in the South Hall!

By, Vera Security