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By: Prakash Linga
August 29, 2018

Introducing the all new Vera-for-Box: Security that works as fast as you do

With the rise in remote workforces, growing privacy concerns, and more content than you know what to do with, the need for data-centric security has grown exponentially. And there’s no slowing in sight. Today, we’re here at BoxWorks 2018, Box’s annual user conference in San Francisco, and I’m excited to reveal the latest enhancements we’ve been working on over the last few months.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce a new and improved VERA for Box–our most agile offering to date that makes it easy for any company using Box to deploy, manage and leverage the benefits of data-centric security. With lightning fast onboarding, we’ve purpose-built VERA for Box for organizations–large or small– who want to immediately protect sensitive files and content.

There’s no one size fits all for data security, meet VERA for Box

As the nature of enterprise content evolves, businesses of every size face their own set of challenges. And, as organizations become more collaborative, they need security tools that can protect sensitive content through its entire lifecycle, ensuring only people with the right credentials have access.

With VERA for Box, we’re allowing teams to:  

Protect data faster with frictionless onboarding. Most security tools today cost a small fortune and require a fleet of IT experts just to get them up and running. With VERA for Box, we’re making implementation and provisioning burdens of the past by enabling organizations to start protecting enterprise content, instantly. Once employees are invited to use VERA for Box, a “VERA Secure Space” is automatically created so they can start securing files simply by saving to Box, as usual.

Provide an unprecedented seamless user experience. Here at Vera, we’re all about preserving a user experience that promotes productivity. In fact, our first hire was our outstanding UX/UI designer, Lawrie Talansky. With Box, you can automate mundane tasks and get work done fast. With VERA for Box, you can securely collaborate without having to download special software or apps that could slow down productivity.

Best-in-class security for cloud-based enterprises. Box customers know that their content is secured in transit and at rest within the Box ecosystem, but for the rest of their organization’s content, they need tools to secure, track, and manage access. VERA for Box builds on the strong, trusted data protection platform provided by VERA for Files, allowing companies to manage their enterprise content as it moves around the world.

With VERA for Box, we’ve broken the mold

But that’s just the beginning. We believe security shouldn’t slow your business down, it should help people share information more freely to get work done. With VERA for Box, teams of any size can now protect, track and revoke access to files that travel in and beyond the Box ecosystem. Whether your organizations content lives in Box, Dropbox or Sharepoint, we’re empowering businesses to remain loyal to their cloud management platform of choice. No rip and replace here.

Expanding beyond basic file security has always been a focus for us, as we’ve introduced a variety of security offerings such as our agentless edit-in-browser capabilities. VERA for Box has been specifically designed for those business who need to start securing information more rapidly, or organizational groups who handle sensitive files and content daily. If you’re a current VERA for Box customer, there won’t be an interruption to your service and as always, contact your sales rep/CSM for any questions or concerns.

We can’t wait to show you everything VERA for Box has to offer. Visit our booth (S6) in the Partner Pavilion today at BoxWorks 2018, or get in touch with us for a demo here. You can drop in to my BoxWorks Lightning session today at 5:40PM, where I’ll be demoing our new offering.

By, Prakash Linga