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August 12, 2016

Making the Future of Data Security “Completely Uncomplicated”

Lost in the ongoing news about the DNC email leak, but incredibly relevant to the conversation, is this podcast from Will Yakowicz and the Inc. Uncensored team. The big takeaway is that not only is this a very exiting time to be in cybersecurity, but that the entire model for protecting data is changing. I couldn’t agree more.

In the podcast, Will and the team discuss two big themes. The first is that the nature of hacks is evolving. No longer are actors looking to score a win by bringing down a system, nor are they solely motivated by financial gain. Instead, their motivation is to “disrupt or straight up destroy things.” Sony Pictures is definitely the archetypal event here, but even organizations like US Bank are significantly increasing their cybersecurity investments to defend against these risks.

That’s the second theme: Inc. reports that many enterprises are making big changes in where and how they prioritize their spend, increasing the share of budget for cybersecurity four to five times, from what was 10% of the budget to now over half. And, they’re focused on a different challenge. As Will points out, “Security used to be this perimeter-based thing. ‘Let’s build a moat and a [big] wall.’ But, that doesn’t work. Now the security is moving from places – like protecting servers – to protecting the actual information itself. Security is going on top of data.” 

I see that sentiment echoed every day in my conversations with customers, from banks to pharmaceutical companies to international engineering firms. But it’s more than about encrypting and protecting the data directly. That’s key, but what’s even more important is providing those dynamic data protections without complicating the end-user experience.

Simply enacting a policy recommending employees store sensitive information in a secure folder or trying to catch information sent outside the company isn’t enough. There are too many incentives in place to ignore the policy or avoid DLP. 

That’s why our mission at Vera is so critical. The world needs an invisible layer of security that can protect any kind of information, no matter where it’s stored, or how it’s shared. To learn more about our Dynamic Data Protection platform and how we can help protect your trade secrets, check out one of our short 3-minute demos.

By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing

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