By: Veliz Perez Torres
November 9, 2015

How Vera Protects Your Business Information in the Cloud with Okta

We’re excited to announce Vera is now part of the Okta Application Network. With the Vera for Okta integration, IT teams can not only streamline access to cloud apps through Okta’s identity management solution, they can now use Vera to track, control, and revoke permissions to confidential information living inside those apps, even when content is removed or taken offline.

To put this into context, imagine an employee signs in through Okta, and accesses their Dropbox for Business account. While Okta ensures access to Dropbox, Vera will secure the content uploaded to Dropbox and follow it anywhere it travels, even as it’s downloaded, removed, or shared. No matter where that file travels, only authorized users will be able to open your confidential data.

With Vera and Okta, your business gets secure access and extended control to your mission-critical apps in the Okta Application Network, and to the sensitive files stored within those apps in a unified, user-centric way.

Here are three ways Okta admins can leverage Vera:

  1. Simple secure access to critical business information

As part of the integration, admins can now leverage Okta’s single sign-on capabilities to streamline access, not just to cloud applications, but to confidential information itself (e.g., sensitive files, confidential reports, etc.). Once an end-user authenticates via Okta, the end-user can access any secured file in that active SAML session.

Even better, Okta lets you enforce multi-factor authentication to prevent critical business information from being accessed from compromised accounts. We love multi-factor authentication!

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  1. Centrally manage file access

To get fast access to Vera, click the Vera button in your Okta home page and go straight to your Vera Dashboard.

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Once there, track who’s accessing your confidential data, see all unauthorized access attempts to confidential content, and get geo-location mapping on where in the world your data is traveling. The Vera Dashboard not only gives you visibility but the power to update and change the permissions of any end-user, instantly and at any time.

Unsure about Grant having full collaboration rights on the Q2 Financial Statement? Revoke his access, update his rights to view-only or apply a watermark, even if the file has moved locally to his desktop.

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  1. Revoke user access with one click

IT teams know employees come and go in any organization, and deprovisioning users quickly is critical. Through Vera for Okta, admins can not only deprovision a user’s access to cloud apps, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, they can go even further and revoke access to any Vera-secured file the departing employee has downloaded or moved beyond company walls, all with a single click. Deprovisioning access to critical business information is a powerful feature that stops data loss, heads off insider threats and drives higher security and compliance across any organization.

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Interested in learning more about Vera for Okta? Send me a note at  and request a free demo from an expert on the team.

By, Veliz Perez Torres

Sr. Product Marketing Manager