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By: Grant Shirk
May 28, 2015
How To

How To Secure and Track Files on the Desktop with Vera

This is the first installment in our How-To series: an ongoing set of product posts full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Vera.

For many people, the desktop is the first place a new document lands. Drafts, screenshots, video clips, and ‘read later’ PDFs collect, multiply — and if you’re not careful — take over.

Fortunately, the desktop is usually a temporary parking place for data. Files are moved on to more permanent locations, whether they’re archived, uploaded to the cloud, or sent for review in an email. As a result, it’s a great place to start protecting your information before it moves on.

With the VERA client installed on your laptop, this protection is a single click away. On Mac or a PC, a right-click on one or more files lets you directly grant access, set permissions, and ensure that only the right people can access that information.

Here’s how to try it for yourself (Admins of the world – we’ll show you how you can automate all of this behind the scenes in a future post). With the VERA client installed on your machine, right-click on the file and choose ‘Secure with Vera.’



Next, choose an appropriate policy (here, I picked Collaborate), enter the email addresses, groups, or domains you want to share with, and select ‘Secure.’


Now that this draft is secured, it’s ready to be shared. As a bonus, I can keep track of who’s looked at it, and if it’s been forwarded anywhere else. Another right-click lets me see the Details, which opens the VERA web dashboard.




From here, I can see when my team looked at the document, when, and even where they were at the time. And even better, if I want to take the document back, I can revoke access to it at any time.


Have questions about Vera, or have a tip to recommend? Submit them in the comments section below, and we’ll get to them ASAP.

By, Grant Shirk

VP Product and Solutions Marketing