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September 14, 2015

Five Reasons We’re Excited About #BoxWorks 2015

Not only is September my favorite month in California, but it’s also tech conference season in San Francisco. Between VMworld, Dreamforce, and BoxWorks, Moscone Center can legitimately claim to be the epicenter of enterprise IT.

Each of these shows are valuable, but by far my favorite is BoxWorks. Where VMware is focused on IT, and Dreamforce draws a sales and marketing crowd, Box has created a unique event that brings together both of these worlds to discuss how business itself is changing. Certainly technology plays a key role, but Aaron Levie and his team have created a “mini-TED” for technology that bridges IT, security, marketing, sales, and operations.

Last year, we saw drones, Dreamworks, and an amazing session with the current Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter. This year promises even more, with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Ed Catmull, the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, and CIOs from international brands like McKinsey, Capital One, Boston Scientific, CAA, and General Electric.

It’s an electric mix, and one that creates an amazing dynamic for conversation, learning, and connecting. This will be my fifth BoxWorks, and to share our excitement at Vera, here are five reasons I’m pumped for this year’s show.

  1. Learn from the best in the world. This is true of both the speakers and the attendees at BoxWorks. There’s a spirit of innovation, experience, and the willingness to experiment in this crowd, and I am continually amazed by the quality of the conversations and the awesomeness of the people I meet with. There are few conferences where you’re equally likely to shake hands with the CEO of LinkedIn or take a selfie with an Oscar.
  2. Connect with innovators in every industry. At BoxWorks, it’s not just about IT. We love exhibiting at BoxWorks because we get to meet with customers from finance, legal, high-tech, entertainment, construction, healthcare, and even those doing social good. That diversity creates unexpected conversations and a great chance to learn something new in every session and every hallways introduction.
  3. Find unexpected new technology startups. The Partner Pavilion, where you’ll find my team at Vera (stop by!) is the best showcase in the world for new and emerging enterprise technology. You’ll meet startups side by side with industry giants, solving emerging problems around content security, real-time collaboration, imaging, and natural language search. Where else will you see AT&T, Slack, IBM, Domo, and Palo Alto Networks, all in one place?
  4. Discover new ways to protect your business. One of the perennial conversations at BoxWorks is around security. When your company jumps feet first into the cloud, you need to shift the way you think about data and content security. The Trust and Security track at the conference will feature CISOs and Chief Risk Officers from around the world, sharing their successes and challenges dealing with a world of crumbling perimeter defenses.
  5. Inspire your own 2016 roadmap and priorities. For me, the primary reason to go to a conference like BoxWorks is to find inspiration for my own team and technology. Dive into BoxWorks, and you’ll head into October with a long list of great ideas for optimizing and protecting your business.

If you’re headed to San Francisco at the end of September, be sure to visit the Vera booth [G10] in the Partner Pavilion. Safe travels!

By, Robin Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

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