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January 14, 2015

Every Company Needs To Become A Data Security Company

For a long time the smartest, most successful companies realized they could use technology to gain an unfair competitive advantage to win in a market. Often times it meant speedier execution, better company alignment, superior customer service, and faster product release cycles.

But in the last 10-20 years the world has changed and most companies now realize that they have to become technology companies to even be remotely competitive with other players in their markets. It’s why we’ve seen the rise of the CIO in the last few decades as going from a role that kept IT running and employees happy, to a much bigger, more strategic role that often reports directly to the CEO. CIOs in today’s world are the strategic game-changers that give CEOs and companies that advantage that they’ve been looking for, and they are doing it across every industry.

We often don’t think of “traditional” companies as technology companies, but today you’d be hard pressed to find one that isn’t. Wells Fargo, Nike, Disney, Wholefoods, are all examples of admired companies who are using technology, either internally or externally, to their advantage to win increased revenue and happier customers.

But what we are seeing today is something quite different. Because of the recent hacks on Morgan Stanley, Sony, Target, and Home Depot, every company is waking up to the fact that they not only have to be a technology company, but that they also have to become a data security company.

Data, in the form of files, information, and communications, are the lifeblood of any organization. It’s your IP. It’s your private and confidential thoughts and plans, and it’s where you and your employees talk and share ideas for the next great product or release. This is true of ANY organization. From the moment you get to work you are either sharing, consuming, or creating new information. All the time.

So what does it mean to become a data security company?

It means that we have to rethink a few things:

  1. In a cloud and mobile world there are no real controlled end-points anymore, unless we want to take a step back into the stone ages. Hint: your users would revolt if you tried this.
  2. The firewall model is broken and trying to extend the perimeter out simply doesn’t work anymore. It’s about protecting the information, wherever it is, and not about locking everything down where it’s hard to access, use, and share for your employees and partners.
  3. Users have to be in control of their data at any given point in time and should be able to revoke access when they want and how they want. Users should have complete peace of mind that their data truly stays theirs.

At Veradocs, we are busy building for a world where every company will need to become a data security company and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. If you want a private demo, contact us at

By, Ajay Arora

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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