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February 9, 2017

99 Problems, But a Leak Ain’t One: Redefining Email Security with Vera for Mail

There’s a serious disconnect between how businesses communicate and how we think about securing those conversations. Last year, despite the rapid rollout of enterprise collaboration tools like Dropbox, Slack, and Confluence, 80% of a businesses’s intellectual property is still shared through email. But at the same time, only 12% of security leaders trust their existing email security solutions.

This is a shocking trust gap, but it’s clear why 9 out of 10 practitioners don’t trust the tools they’re using. We live in a world where security is acknowledged to be an afterthought. We’ve said it before, but security teams are in a bad spot. They’re tasked with protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data shared across networks, but the tools they have are disjointed, bolted-on, and never end-to-end into their coverage. Critical business data falls through the cracks, and their companies are harmed as a result.

It’s time to restore our trust in email, and email security.

That’s why today I’m proud to introduce Vera for Mail. Together with Vera for Files and our trusted data-centric security platform, Vera is now the only solution that can secure, track and control access to collaboration, communication, and the entire complex flow of information across an enterprise. In other words, you no longer have to worry about accidentally hitting reply-all on an email, or fat-fingering an address. Now we’ve got your back for email, too.

Vera for Mail Watermark in Outlook

Simple email encryption tools have been around for years, but whether they’re based on PGP, encryption gateways, S/MIME, or TLS, they all fall short in a few key areas: they’re hard to use, don’t provide persistent, end-to-end protection, and they’re focused only on a limited slice of an organization’s email. Many don’t even provide basic security for attachments.

Vera for Mail is a new approach to the decades-old challenge of protecting email communications. By applying the same encryption, classification, rights management, and tracking that powers our file security products, we can achieve what others have not: simple, data-centric security that works seamlessly across any platform, with persistent control for content and communication.

Specifically, Vera for Mail gives you the ability to:

  • Seamlessly secure emails, anywhere. Integrated into your favorite email services and clients, we make it simple to encrypt, track, and revoke access to messages, no matter whom you’re communicating with, or what tools they use. Desktop, mobile, or web.
  • Protect, classify, and track any communication. Built on the same platform as our award-winning Vera for Files solution, your team can automate the application of email security, enforce permissions and policies, and track outbound communication without retraining the team.
  • Secure emails, attachments, and collaborated files. Vera for Mail goes beyond simple email encryption, with persistent protections and policy enforcement for message content, attachments, and even files shared through services like Box and Dropbox. With a single, centralized audit and management tool, you’ll get the full view of collaboration inside and beyond your perimeter.
  • Dynamically change rights (or revoke access). Finally, our data-centric protections don’t expire when a message reaches its destination – you’ll always be able to manage permissions, track sharing, and revoke access with a single click, ensuring your confidential information stays that way.

And most importantly, Vera for Mail delivers this enterprise-grade email security with zero-friction to the end-user experience. Desktop, web, or mobile, recipients of these messages don’t need to download software, install brittle plugins, or engage in complicated key exchanges. Email is too integral to core enterprise workflows and business processes – any tool that doesn’t understand that, or can’t integrate smoothy into existing identity management, reporting, and SIEM tools will quickly fall by the wayside.

We’re kicking off the private beta program supporting Vera for Mail today, with help from our current customers. If you and your organization are interested, we’d love to get you on the list.


By, Ajay Arora

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