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December 23, 2014

Deleting Emails Is Dumb

It’s official, people are freaking out! The Sony hack is awful. It’s awful for the people who work at Sony and have had their private moments exposed, and it sucks for Sony as a corporation to have their internal dealings, plans, and correspondence exposed.

But the Sony hack is now leading to a lot of bad ideas from very reputable organizations, such as the Wall Street Journal who recently printed an article titled: Are You Sure You Want to Use Email?

In the article, WSJ suggests that corporations should delete non-essential email or reduce retention policies to no more than 30 days. Both ideas are silly. For one, who is going to decide what is a non-essential email? An army of elves, a machine-learning application, or you? And will you really go through your email every couple of days to decide what is essential and what is non-essential?

Email is one of the most useful applications for remembering correspondence, contacts, context, and finding things you had thought you had lost. We bet most people use email as kind of a second brain to remember important things, so auto-deleting your emails every 30 days makes very little sense.

We are not arguing against the need for better security controls or smarter applications, but let’s not rush into reactive band-aid solutions that aren’t really fixing the problem we are trying to solve, which is: how can we better protect data and information in a world without walls?

At Veradocs we believe that you shouldn’t worry about when or how data is going to leak from your employees or corporation; you should assume it will happen. Once you make that assumption, the way you tackle the problem of securing your most valuable assets, including files and emails, takes on a wholly different approach. We can’t yet share what we are building at Veradocs, but we can share that our mission is to protect your information, data, files, and emails no matter where in the world they are.

If you are interested in learning more, email us at and we’ll show you a private demo of how we do that.

By, Robin Daniels

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