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August 19, 2015

CSO Magazine Highlights Vera as a ‘Security Startup to Watch’

In case you missed it, Vera was included among emerging data security industry leaders profiled in CSO Magazine’s10 Security Startups to Watch’ list published today. Author Tim Greene pointed to Vera’s technology and non-disruptive approach to file-level security in his reasoning behind including us in this awesome top 10 list. Here are his quick thoughts on the Vera solution, our role in the data security market and our value to current and future customers:

Why we’re following [Vera]: Vera software imposes encryption on documents that follows them around until a legitimate recipient authenticates to release the decryption keys. That has security benefits, but this is also done with minimal altering of how users interact with the application whose files are being encrypted. It can be used on any device and in conjunction with other security tools. All this means that the product not only secures information, it is unobtrusively enough that it will hurdle obstacles to adoption.

Greene also included an accurate anecdote in his commentary from a previous conversation with Vera CEO Ajay Arora. One that still holds true:

Fun Fact: If [Vera] were a superhero it would be Violet Parr from ‘The Incredibles’ because she can generate an invisible shield.

So, definitely watch this space (exciting things ahead) and be sure to read the full CSO Magazine piece HERE.

By, Robin Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

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