Building Trusted Connections Between People and Their Data

42 years.

That’s how long FedEx has been a trusted shipping, logistics and business services partner to the global economy. Every day, they handle over 11 million packages. More impressively, they provide location, monitoring, and tracking data on individual shipments to customers over 50 million times a day, so anywhere a FedEx package travels, shippers and receivers can pinpoint its location and status at a moment’s notice. That’s one of the reasons they’re trusted to handle valuable personal and corporate information in over 220 countries around the world.

What started as an express delivery service for life sciences and technology manufacturers quickly became a global standard and transformed how businesses delivered on products and promises to customers everywhere.

FedEx is a useful parable for understanding the changes rippling through today’s enterprise. Critical business applications are running on public cloud infrastructure. Employees have the choice of collaboration tools, from good old email to OneDrive to Dropbox to Box (and hundreds more). Communication happens in real time, and individual contributors have legitimate access to business data previously only accessible to the C-suite. And traditional means of controlling access to sensitive information are falling by the wayside.

What we need now is a reliable, transparent, secure system that can monitor, manage, and redirect the flow of information when necessary. That’s our goal at Vera – to build a platform that reinforces these trusted connections between companies and their customers, between individuals and their connections, no matter how or where they do business. We’re making it possible to share any kind of data securely, and trust that it will reach its intended destination. And only that destination.

Trust is built on the premises of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. For FedEx, this meant helping their customers by protecting access to packages, ensuring the efficient delivery of each parcel, and providing instant status updates, proactively and on-demand. Customers had the highest confidence that shipments would arrive untampered with, on time, and with a full history of their transit.

At Vera, we’re building this trust between businesses and people, every time they secure data. No matter how they choose to share it, our customers know that we are protecting the confidentiality of their data, with encryption and policy that controls who can view or edit a document. We provide them with protections against the loss of data and the ability to monitor and revoke access at any time. And, we keep a full audit trail on-demand to track every path data takes.

FedEx built their business by “connecting people and possibilities” in the physical world. Today, we’re doing the same for you and your data.

Written on May 13, 2015
by Grant Shirk
  • Cloud Computing, 
  • Industry, 
  • Security