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April 13, 2018

We’re Breaking Down Barriers: Introducing 100% Agentless, 100% Awesome

Three years ago (almost to the day), on April 8th, 2015, my co-founder Ajay and I launched Vera and it’s been an amazing journey ever since. In a very little amount of time we’ve built a profoundly different approach to data security, privacy, rights management, and enterprise data control, with a solution that’s both frictionless in its end-user design and impenetrable to attackers. And ahead of next week’s annual RSA Conference, I’m excited to announce the next leg in our mission to protect data everywhere.

Today we’re unveiling a critical component of our Vera for Files product suite. We’re introducing a new “100% agentless, 100% awesome” experience–one that makes sharing information simple, collaborative, and more secure–without the headache of client installs or additional downloads.


As pictured above, we’re starting with Office files and will expand from there

When it comes to enterprise collaboration and adoption of security tools, most businesses today face major hurdles. We’ve heard it from our customers: security solutions fail because they create friction; they stifle employee production and they’re extremely cumbersome. When it comes to data security, every click you add brings a level of frustration and that creates a drop-off. This is exactly why all too often, businesses face the problem of shadow IT and security goes unused. At Vera, we believe security shouldn’t slow your productivity, it should empower us to share information more confidently. That’s why today we’re introducing a 100% agentless edit in browser experience.

What makes edit-in-browser so powerful?

In a complex enterprise, employees, teams, and external collaborators work across multiple productivity tools–email, network file shares, and the cloud–to get work done. That’s why an agentless experience is powerful for end users that require operational agility but can’t sacrifice security. With Vera’s edit-in-browser capability, employees can easily collaborate on secured content right from a browser with confidence. Vera’s agentless experience brings an unparalleled ease of use with a near-native Office experience matched with strong security.

Being agentless is good for everyone, not just IT

Being 100% agentless doesn’t just benefit the end-user. Believe it or not, it’s an extremely beneficial tool  for employees and for IT. For IT, it completely removes management overhead. Consider the endpoint

–whether it’s a laptop or a mobile device– is already inundated with a large number of agents or apps. The last thing users want to do is download another agent, and the last thing that IT wants to do is manage yet another agent.

We’re breaking new barriers

In our first iteration of Vera, users had to have an agent installed on the device in order to view a Vera protected file and access data. With today’s announcement, we’re breaking new barriers and charting new ground to take that experience one step further. And to see how far we’ve come, I couldn’t be more proud of the team. They have always championed a seamless user experience that doesn’t sacrifice usability for security. For our customers, Vera is where data security starts. It’s where collaboration, identity management, and data security come together to protect what matters.

Be sure to stop by the W Hotel April 17th & April 18th during RSA and catch a live demo of our new agentless experience. I look forward to seeing some new, and reconnecting with lots of familiar faces, next week in San Francisco!

 – Prakash Linga, CTO & Co-founder

By, Prakash Linga

Co-founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer

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