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By: Smitha
April 13, 2018

Avengers Assemble: Why we’re joining the Cloud Security Alliance

Here at Vera, keeping your information safe isn’t just part of our mission; it’s our top priority. As part of that, we’re excited to announce that we have officially joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the organization dedicated to defending the cloud and helping security professionals up their game with training and best practices.

We’re off to a fast start with the group, and we’re excited to work alongside some of our leading technology partners Netskope, Oracle, Box, and Dropbox and we’ll be taking part in this year’s CSA Summit at RSA, April 16-20 in San Francisco! Kicking off day one of RSA, this year’s CSA Summit will bring together thought leaders from multinational enterprise, government, cloud providers and the infosec community together to share the common practices that are enabling the ongoing shift to the cloud.

The reason security teams value CSA so highly is because they define a clear roadmap for how a company can successful transform their security approach. This year is no different. The discussion in April will center around the challenges of securing mission-critical data, how to transform the security mindset, and establish best practices for companies still debating how to adopt cloud platforms.

That’s exactly the conversation we’ve been having with our customers over the past year. They’re looking for creative ways to protect their crown jewel data as they’re sharing it with partners and customers through the cloud. Financial firms, government agencies, and other industries with regulatory mandates have begun to recognize that traditional ways of protecting that data, (like building taller walls around the perimeter), are no longer effective. This isn’t an easy shift to make, but we’re seeing more and more companies shift toward a more data-centric mindset and we expect to see this trend continue to gain momentum.

For us at Vera, we’re excited to be leading the charge along with the other CSA members to promote trust in cloud services for protecting users’ privacy and security.

Be sure to check back for future announcements as we near RSA!

By, Smitha

Sr.Manager Demand Generation