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January 31, 2017

5 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss #RSAC 2017

RSA is big. And still growing. Attendance topped 40,000 last year, with over 500 security vendors and emerging startups all vying for attention. 2016 was named the year of the security breach and the world witnessed our first cyber-election. The 26th Annual RSA Conference will no doubt, be larger than life. The show has grown exponentially and we can expect San Francisco to be the epicenter of IT security in just two weeks at RSA 2017.

There’s a reason this will be my 7th time attending RSA. Year after year, the show fuels the worldwide information security agenda. The dynamic for conversation, learning, and connecting is electric. This year, I’m going with an eye for the future: as threats to the availability and integrity of data accelerate, we need a new approach, a stronger agenda. With that in mind, here are five things I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Innovation at the Early Stage Expo. RSA 2017 will be the launchpad for the most innovative new companies in the space, and this year’s show is going to be the most startup friendly conference in recent memory. There will be an astounding 707 exhibitors in the main halls and 40 startups in the Early Stage Expo located at the Marriott Marquis. Vera will be exhibiting at this year’s Early Stage Expo at the Marriott (booth #34), and we’re excited to share our vision for the future with you there. Adjacent to the Early Stage Expo, there will be plenty of events taking place at The Sandbox. Check out the full list of Sandbox events here.This year’s Sandbox opens with RSA’s third annual craft beer tasting event, CyBEER Ops, on Tuesday February 14th. The Vera team will be there in full force and I hope you will too.

Ajay Arora presenting at the 2016 RSAC Innovation Sandbox

Watch Vera’s CEO give our 3-minute pitch at the 2016 Sandbox

  • Meeting new people at our exclusive spirits tasting. Instead of adding another party to the RSA calendar, this year we’ve decided to chart a different path for a more interactive and unique event. With our partners, Distil Networks, and TITUS, we’re hosting an evening of unexpected and rare spirits, combined with food pairings produced by a CHOPPED Celebrity chef. We’ll taste some of the most exclusive, rare and intriguing spirits in the world, curated by the top ranked distillers and drink gurus in whiskey (American, Japanese and Scotland), tequila, rum, and champagne. Interested in joining? Email us at for details on this exclusive event.
  • Networking with potential technology partners. When you put some of world’s brightest technologists, crypto-experts, and entrepreneurs in one location, there’s potential for magic (and maybe a strategic partnership or two). We’re looking forward to seeing our technology partners–Skyhigh, Okta and Centrify–and forming relationships with top accelerators and other innovative startups taking part in the RSA 2017 Cloud Security Alliance Summit. Leading security experts and cloud providers will discuss Securing the Converged Cloud and explore the latest trends in technology, the threat landscape, and global governance in order to help organizations address the new frontiers in cloud security. This is open to all badge types and I highly suggest you swing by.
  • Making better, more secure decisions in 2017. For me, the primary reason to go to a conference like RSA is to find inspiration for my own team and learn from the best in the industry. Attending hands-on sessions, keynotes, and networking with other security-focused individuals, I can tap into a smart, forward-thinking global community that inspires and empowers. When you dive into RSA 2017, you’ll have a better understanding of cybersecurity, as it relates to keeping our employees, crown jewels, and ultimately protecting your business.

Interested in connecting at RSA 2017? Swing by our booth (#34 in the Early Stage Expo at the Marriott Marquis) or request a demo here. We’re looking forward to meeting you in just a few short weeks – safe travels!


By, Robin Daniels

Chief Marketing Officer

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